Rebranding Case Study: Cornerstone


Cornerstone is a title insurance company that wanted to differentiate itself from competitors by positioning itself as a trusted advisor from the start of every real estate transaction, thanks to deep expertise and familiarity with virtually every aspect of the commercial and residential real estate process. The company also wanted to increase its pipeline of clients and referral partners, which consisted of four groups: homebuyers/investors, commercial building owners/developers, attorneys, and brokers. In addition, Cornerstone had a long history of community-building, such as hosting fundraising galas for local nonprofit organizations and wellness events for real estate industry professionals.


Not only did Cornerstone provide a service that was widely seen as a commodity, but it also faced several hurdles in differentiating itself from competitors and attracting new clients and referral partners:

  • Few consumers understood title insurance or its value.
  • Potential referral partners didn’t fully understand the depth of Cornerstone’s experience and knowledge.
  • Outside of their circle, only a limited number of real estate professionals were aware of the company’s community-building efforts and commitment to giving back.
  • Because rates are government-regulated, Cornerstone could not offer any pricing benefits.


Cornerstone’s new brand was built on a simple, yet powerful, idea: achieving the long-held American Dream of home/property ownership, which resonates emotionally for both residential and commercial property owners. Cornerstone’s commitment to helping clients from the beginning of the process, along with the company’s support of the community and industry, made this a natural fit.

  • Externally, we positioned Cornerstone as a strong partner and educational resource for the industry, dedicated to successfully completing transactions and helping clients make better, well-informed decisions.
  • Emotionally, we developed an authentic, distinct, and compelling brand voice that positioned Cornerstone as a caring and resourceful ally in helping homeowners, investors, and other professionals achieve the American Dream of ownership. We also developed language to convey this information for each target audience.
  • Graphically, we gave Cornerstone a warm and inviting visual identity that features the letter “C,” both highlighting the firm’s name and conveying its role as a compass, guiding people toward achieving their dreams. In contrast to many of the company’s competitors, accompanying brand photos demonstrated powerful emotions inspired by the American Dream.


In a sea of competitors and look-alike brands, Cornerstone stands out with an emotionally compelling identity that positions them as a valuable resource from the start of every real estate transaction, as trusted advisors who help clients achieve their dreams, and as a team that truly cares about people and their community. This new identity also established a strong foundation for a comprehensive strategic marketing campaign. (View Cornerstone’s new website here.)

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