Raise Awareness of Your Mission—for Free

You work hard to advance your mission and build support. What you may not know is that Google would like to help you with free (yes, free) advertising.

How it Works

Let’s say you’re the development director for a nonprofit that provides services to veterans. With a Google AdGrants campaign in place, if someone searches for “charity that supports veterans” (or similar) in Google, an ad for your nonprofit can appear in the search results.

What’s more, Google Ad Grants provide up to $10,000 per month in free search ads for eligible nonprofits. Available to organizations of any size, since 2003 the program has helped organizations:

  • Raise awareness of themselves and their mission
  • Attract new donors and other support
  • Recruit new volunteers and partners

More than 100,000 nonprofits worldwide benefit from the program. And enrolling is easier than you think.

The Benefits of Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants can give your organization, no matter how large or small, a much more powerful voice. A five-figure monthly Google ad budget can help you raise awareness of your organization and your mission. You can highlight events, promote fundraising, and show potential donors and volunteers the impact your organization has on the world. You can link potential donors to your website and encourage them to learn more and add their support. You can recruit volunteers and find new community and strategic partners.

With an ongoing Google advertising grant, you have a powerful tool to advance your mission and your message.

How Other Organizations Are Benefitting

There are thousands of success stories among the organizations that are using Google Ad Grants. Here are a few examples:

  • Direct Relief uses Google to reach more supporters and attract donors
  • Food Finder connects people to food resources in their communities, across the U.S.
  • National Resources Defense Council uses Google to drive more website traffic
  • The Van Gogh Museum uses Google to raise awareness and reach new visitors

How We Help Nonprofits Maximize their Google Campaigns

LETTER 7 can build an Ad Grants campaign for your nonprofit to maximize the ROI from Google’s 10K/month grant. Our turnkey service includes everything from the application to campaign build to ongoing optimizations, management, and reporting.

What’s more, LETTER 7 is Google Certified, which means we’ve passed Google’s rigorous testing to demonstrate Google Ads proficiency. (Testing is required each year to maintain certification.)

A Success Story

A nonprofit organization was attempting to run a Google Ad Grants campaign by themselves. In six years, they had only received 483 clicks from the campaign. When we took over, we revamped the campaign and proactively optimized it. Our new campaign received more than 1,500 clicks in just six months—a three-fold increase in just 1/12th the time.

Advance Your Mission Today

LETTER 7 has built and managed successful Google campaigns for more than a decade, either as standalone projects or as part of a comprehensive and strategic fundraising/marketing initiative. For more information, contact us 212 595.7445 or info@letter7brands.com.