Two Fundraising Tips For Right Now

As you know, fundraising has become even more challenging due to the current situation. Here are two popular ways to connect to donors right now:

1. Giving Tuesday (moved to May 5)

There’s still time to launch a memorable digital campaign that will inspire donors and set your mission apart. But beware of the number of organizations that will participate this year. Your message must stand out.

2. Meet Your Donors Where They Are—At Home

With so many virus-related emails clogging inboxes, a smart direct mail campaign can really attract attention (especially since much of the standard junk mail seems to be taking a breather). With so many galas and other fundraising events on hold, a physical piece literally allows you to connect with donors where they live. (To see our most successful direct mail campaign, click here.)

Of course, with all initiatives, timing, tone, and messaging are crucial.