anniversary campaign
Collateral Design, Nonprofit


Located on Manhattan’s Upper East side, Ramaz School was approaching an important milestone—its 80-year anniversary. In order to make the most of the the occasion, the institution sought to create a year-long development and awareness building campaign based on the theme, “Connect at 80.”


During our research we identified six primary ways that Ramaz “connects.” As a result, the main direct mail piece (below, top) featured six separate panels, each conveying one of the ways. When recipients finished unfolding the panels, a special message was revealed inside. Many additional pieces based on this concept were created for two separate year-long campaigns.


An interactive, conceptual, and fun suite of fundraising and awareness building tools that conveyed the essence of the school and inspired supporters, donors, parents, and students.


  • art direction
  • collateral design
  • copywriting