Proactive Marketing After Months of Reacting

Who is ready for the economy to begin safely opening? I think it’s safe to say that everyone is. Thankfully, in New York City, we are already in phase one, and phase two is scheduled for next week.

Of course, many companies are currently reviewing plans to bring staff back and resume some sense of normalcy. But due to the severe economic impact of the virus and a phased opening, it’s unlikely that the economy will simply snap back into place.

While most companies were caught in a reactive mode when lockdown occurred, waiting for an official green light to resume marketing efforts isn’t recommended. In fact, despite the challenges of recent months, companies that continued to market—smartly—are much likely to fare better in the future than those that didn’t.

Marketing Now

Regardless of what your marketing efforts have been in recent months, it’s time to become proactive. Consider the following as businesses prepare to reopen their doors:

  • Although the city is opening up, marketing during these times still requires flexibility to keep up with swift and unexpected changes. You may have seen that TV commercials are shifting to optimistically address the opening of the country and economy. Your marketing messages should adapt as well.
  • Because many companies have struggled, and will continue to struggle to varying degrees, empathy in marketing needs to remain a top priority. Listen to your clients and understand how you can make their lives easier and/or better. Chances are, the way you serve them now has changed since last February.
  • Digital marketing is more important than ever with more people online than ever. Although staff may be coming back to the office in some form or another, networking events, client lunches, conferences, and trade shows, etc., will likely remain on hold until 2021. At the same time, we’ve heard that many people are suffering from digital fatigue due to the vast number of emails and other digital communication that have been sent since lockdown. So, your marketing messages must stand out in concept, tone, and execution.
  • In light of this email overload, and with some people returning to the office soon, a clever and tasteful direct mail or promotional piece will likely stand out and garner more attention than ever before—especially with the significantly lower mail volume.

New York City is finally joining the rest of the country in opening up, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be returning to business as usual.

Restarting the economy involves letting your clients know how you can help meet their changing needs during this uncertain time. As you plan your outreach, remember to keep the focus on your clients. Take a proactive approach, and anticipate their needs by putting yourself in their shoes.

As Teddy Roosevelt famously said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”