The Benefits of a Full-Service Creative Firm

If a company or organization wants to grow, it needs to market. While some have the resources to support an in-house team, others do not. For those who are looking to outsource their marketing, a single, full-service creative firm—rather than multiple firms—is often the best solution, and here’s why:

Sending a Consistent Message: Successful initiatives need to convey consistent messages across all marketing channels—not only written messages, but visual ones too. Even if your company’s or organization’s brand is firmly established, if multiple players are involved, there’s a risk that your marketing messages may become diluted—or worse, confusing—to your audiences.

Single Point of Contact: A full-service firm allows you to maintain a close relationship with one account manager, someone who likely knows every detail about the campaigns you’re running. If you’re working with multiple firms, the chances of a miscommunication or misunderstanding increase.

Cost Efficient: Receiving all the services required for a fundraising or marketing campaign under one roof will likely cost less than dividing the tasks among different agencies and having to pay multiple invoices. Working with one agency means easier billing, too.

Of course, not all agencies excel at different types of marketing, but with some research, you will likely find a single firm that understands your goals and meets your marketing needs.

LETTER 7 is a full-service branding and marketing firm. For direct mail, content creation, social media, pay-per-click advertising, video, and more, our clients rely on us to consistently and creatively deliver results across multiple marketing channels.